swirl guitar body like steve vai jem universe ibanez
Hello and welcome to Out Of This Swirled.
We are a professional UK based company offering traditional and none traditional multicolored swirls globally.
Over the past few years we've learnt that when it comes to swirls, beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder.

We can provide you with variations on all the best known swirls such as the PAW, DNA and the GMC,
but also don't forget that we're here to innovate, and have done so with the CANDY SWIRL (the cleanest swirls EVER),  the DOUBLE SWIRL, the NEO SWIRL, the 3D SWIRL and the BURST SWIRL, which incidentally, is the most looked at swirl on the entire site . To our knowledge, these swirls are truly unique to OOTS; we don't believe that they've been produced anywhere else before.

We like to think we're responsible for raising the bar in terms of what swirl art should be; after all, without
competition, complacency creeps in all too easily.

Please have a look around the site.

There will be guitar bodies of all shapes available in a wide variety of colour combinations.
 Also, we can now get you Dimarzio pick ups of your choice to put in your project, even the crazy custom colours!
If you would like something truly custom, please email us, as we can get you pretty much anything. Well, we'll try.