05. AUG. 2011

Just a quick bit of news to say I will Not be swirling any guitars sent to me for painting ever again, sorry folks. I will be selling swirled bodies in various shapes and woods supplied to me by Area51customs here in the UK. My reasoning is as follows.
Scenario One.: You send me your jem to be painted and I swirl it you might not like it, but sadly it's now on your guitar, unless you want me to
strip it and do it again (which doubles the cost) your stuck with it.
Scenario Two: You wait for a replacement body to come up that you love and everybody is happy.

It's very hard to make things look a certain way, and flow like this other swirl and so on. So unless I have your guitar already then I won't be painting it for you sorry. Andy I am still waiting for yours and yours too Stefan.

Cheers all, I hope you can all understand my reasoning.

Also just a quick note regarding DiMarzio's. If you after a swirl and you want some pups in certain colors and certain pole materials, I can get everything available some customs I carry other are special orders, If I can get them I will order them for you, I won't try and sell you what I have telling you that these are not available in Europe or the UK. If you are after something special then please remember they might take a bit of time getting, most are made to order in America.

Cheers again folks. - al.

25. JULY. 2011

Just a note to let folks know that my prices are going up very shortly.
Anyone who already has a guitar project in the pipeline with me those prices are obviously honored .
Painted body prices are going up as is clear coating, unfortunately this year everything supplied to me has gone up in price.
I am also changing how I send guitars out as the price of the polystyrene boxes have more than doubled in price in under 6 months!

23. JULY. 2011

Hey all if you're on the mailing list you just had the pics on the latest guitars to be going up for sale soon, if your not on the list they will be available early next week, unless they sell.

I added 3 new testimonials to that section, cheers guys for your kind words and pictures. Richard now holds the record for the fastest build EVER on his old Ibanez Universe MC that was an MKR. Closely followed by Steve for New York with his GMC.
I'm into years personally, yet and none of mine have made it back together, shocking but true, I have a 26 pound ebay special that I play down my unit from time to time my Universe in bits, painted but in bits still, wait till you see that one!

I took a couple of pictures of my clear coat that I polished on a test panel, I took some video too but by the time I had converted it to divx and then youtube had butchered it, it looked terrible so that was a waste of time and effort, so here are some of the pics instead.

swirl clear guitar

Here is my work list that I am trying to get through still with a few new names.

AJ -1 down one to go.
C Mc (florida) Awaiting Primer
Dave N UK- Awaiting Primer
Tim J UK Awaiting Primer
Andy M - it's being cleared
Luis- It's being Cleared- ready for final polsih
Paul Wales GMC- ready for final polsih
Daniel PAW Aus- ready for final polsih
James V AUS - It's being cleared
Andy H USA They still haven't arrived yet?
James RG1527- Waiting to be posted along with pups.
swirled guitar
Antti- posted
Bry in Sky- Collected
Marcus- Awaiting Primer + 2 others waiting to be painted
BBS from Amsterdam- Received
Jill M- Recieved
Steve USA- Received
Steve UK- Received + one being cleared still
Al Zoot-Received
Ron Sweden - Received
Costas- Received
Manos- Waiting to post out.
Rich A UK- One gone forever and one Received and built overnight!! New Record.
UVRE swirled ibanez style steve vai
Ray- it's being made still honest please don't hurt me.
Rich Stormshadow- It's being painted
Carlo Japan- Waiting to be painted.
Ron Sweeden GMC square 7- Waiting to be paited.

Not painted yet new bodies
New AANJ jem style GMC's first pic goes to Tim J
New AANJ jem style PAW first pic goes to Rich A UK

Cheers all, if you would like a new swirl and first pic of the new one's before they go up for sale to my mailing list
members, then please email me and let me know, you will need to place a deposit.

Please remember folks I can get you all the DiMarzio's that are available in all the custom colors, with gold poles, black, nickel ect.
custom Dimarzios custom Dimarzios
Greeen/Black Blaze and Evo7 set with gold pole pieces for James RG1527+ Green/Black Tone Zone and Air Norton with Black pole pieces for Marcus from Germany.

Peace- al.

16. JULY. 2011
Okay just a couple of pictures, I have been working long hours again, I started to have Sundays off, that lasted one week!
I finished working on a guitar last night a 23.39

It was a special guitar mind you, for a monster shredder.
guitar picture
This is a new type of finish that will be available soon, every one will be unique. There are only 6 on the planet
at the moment, I have 4 of them. You have to see them in the flesh to really appeciate them as they are extremly difficult to photograph.

Got guitars back from the CNC friday
swirl guitarswirl guitar
Dave Noys GMC (England) )))))))))))))BBBBBBB)))))))))))))))))))))))))Marcus's GMC (Germany) 1 PIECE
swirl guitarswirl guitar
The next prize draw Ibanez body with added handle claw and AIJ ZZZZZXXXXXXXXZZZZZ Charles USA Alder body finally

Cheers for taking a look folks,
There should be some more guitars going out to folks this week,

All HAGO- Peace al.

10. JULY. 2011
Okay just a quick update, I have almost finished a few outstanding swirls, for Antti and Bry, Jill your guitar is now ready. I have been VERY busy and I had made a plan to help me speed things along that back fire for me as usual, so instead of moving forward I have made myself even more work and gone backwards at the same time SWEET! long boring story that I won't go into.
I have had some new bodies turn up but I cannot start them just yet as I have some clear coat jobs outstanding, I hope to have these finished very soon. Cheers all I will post a few pics in the next few days/week, so you can see just how busy I am.

Pics as promised
A few (there are lots more) I need to clear oh joy!
swirled guitars

Please if your waiting for a swirl don't worry if you can't see yours I have not forgotten you, all your names repeat over and over in my head as I try to get to sleep a night
swirl guitar body like steve vai jem universe ibanez swirl guitar body like steve vai jem universe ibanez
swirl guitar body like steve vai jem universe ibanezswirl guitar body like steve vai jem universe ibanez
swirl guitar body like steve vai jem universe ibanezswirl guitar body like steve vai jem universe ibanez

Here is Bry from the US picking up his Patriot swirled body from me today
swirled guitar body like ibanez

Your all welcome to drop in a pick your guitars up personally too.

Aswell as my visitor Bry dropping in, I also had a few phone calls from some of you guys, which is nice to hear from you folks, if you ever need to call as long as I can hear my DUMB phone (i.e one that doesn't spy "that much" on me) I will always answer (battery permitting Ray/Richard LOL) and if you think maybe your guitar is sitting getting dusty whilst i'm lying asleep in the sun I will let you hear where I am 7 days a week many more hours than I would like to be a day. Cheers all you folks again for your patience.

Cheers all- Peace and HAGO- al.

28.JUNE. 2011
Since my last new post below regarding stopping painting customer supplied bodies I have had lots of folks ask to get their guitars done,
making me even busier. So I have decided that:
As of the 1st of July I will have to decline any new customer supplied bodies for painting until further notice.
I am sorry if this is an inconvenience but please still contact me and I will add you to a list and then email you all as soon as I available to offer the service again.

Cheers all- al

A small update
AJ - I'm getting them both done Please confirm the 2nd color scheme
C Mc (florida) Your's is Finally at the CNC Honest!
Andy M - it's being cleared finally!
Andy H USA They still haven't arrived yet?
James V AUS - It's being cleared
Antti- it's being cleared
Luis- It's being Cleared
Marcus- it's being made again! OOPS
Steve USA- it's in the post
Steve UK It's in the post, tomorrow anyway LOL
Al Zoot- It's in the post
Manos- it's done I just need to polish in the horns tomorrow morning.
BBS from Amsterdam- It's in the post
Ron Sweeden - it's in the post
Ray- it's being made still honest please don't hurt me.
Rich Stormshadow- It's being painted
Costas- it's being cleared
Dave N UK- it's being CNC'd
Tim J UK It's in the pipeline
Jill M- It's being Cleared
Bry in Sky- It's being Cleared
Rich A UK- It's being cleared and the other is cleared.
Did I miss anyone, I think maybe a couple?

And I wonder why i have a hard time remembering folks names with all this in my head at the same time.

Here's another one I did a few months back
swirled 8 string
Cheers all for your Patience- Al.

26. JUNE. 2011

I'VE been very busy folks and I will soon be stopping doing any more custom work as I need to concentrate on batches of swirls that I have to do soon, these will include DNA's they will look a lot like the real things, so very messy and very organic looking for better or worse. I have been working on these swirls for some time now. Some GMC's, JUPITER, PMC and then a whole bunch of newer things that I have not had chance to do and for that reason the custom swirls will be stopping temporarily as having no time to do all the new stuff is just demoralizing.
pmc swirldna swirl
There will be some Bursts, some Neo's and some other new one's and if I get around to it a few things that folks have never seen before, along with working with Area51customs on a lot of new paint ideas, I will also be offering a lot of new shaped guitars soon too. Again this has been something I have been looking forward to doing but again have not had time to do.

swirled guitarswirled guitar
swirled guitarswirled guitar
swirled guitarswirled guitar

In other news the prize draw body made it out to Joe in the US he promised me a picture soon.

Here is a GMC I did late last year

swirled ibanez guitar
The green is not this bright and does not glow in real life, if you find a paint that does please let me know unless it's radioactive!

Cheers all- P.L.A.G.H.S - al.

18. JUNE. 2011

Been very busy trying to get some outstanding bodies finished and out to the righfull owners, no new swirls recently.
swirl ibanezswirl ibanez steve vai

RG1527 added middle pup, handle, claw and AIJ. RG7620 added claw, handle and AIJ.
I have had several new bodies turn up and several customer bodies arrive to be swirled and or painted.
swirl guitarevh guitar

I have added 2 new Mahogany GMC swirls to the for sale section and I love both of them.
swirl guitarswirl guitar

The Prize Draw Ibanez guitar body will be starting it way out to Joe in the US Monday morning and then a few finished
guitar will be heading out this week too.
swirl guitars GMC

Al's and Steve's GMC's all ready to go out.
Cheers - al.

11. JUNE. 2011

Ibanez swirl guitar
The seven balls draw were as follows
9, 11, 35, 37, 40, 45 and bonus ball 26.
The seven balls total = 203.

Which Makes the winner

Joe Massara 
    from the USA with his guess of   215.
Congrats Joe.

Thanks to everyone else who took part, please have another go next time. - Al.

08. JUNE. 2011
Well I am still hard at work I have lots of painted guitars that need to get their clear coats finsihed and polished and out into the world they go to be built back up, I took a couple of pics the other day so folks can see I am getting there.
swirl guitarswirl guitar
Folks who think that clear coating is easy have probably never done it, there are lots of guitars going through this process at the moment so don't expect to see any new swirls for some time now, apart from a few GMC's I did last month and a couple of PAW sevens.

The free draw is only a few days away now. PEACE- al.

04. JUNE. 2011

Okay a big thanks to all the Members of the Mailing list who entered the free draw to win the Ibanez RG PAW swirled guitar.
Here are the enteries in order, the draw as you all kow is next Saturday Night so we will know the winner then.

Name                                  Country           Total              Bonus Ball

Al   (aka Zoot Jemsite)*                 UK                 62                     31
Laurence Mc                               Wales                63                      7
Gary Salgado                               USA                 66                    45
Andy Moly                                   USA               105                   26
Kevin Morgan *                            USA              107                   37
Jack Black                                     USA              108                   47
Paul May                                        UK                112                    8
Keith Fender                                Wales             116                    33
Paul Adey                                    Canada           120                    11
Harris Daun                                Singapore        126                   18
Andrew Howe                               USA             132                    11
Tomas Agius                              Germany         139                    31
Mehtab Bhogal                           Canada            144                    21
Anders DM                                 Norway          149                     27
Nathan Tr                                    Canada           149                    37
Jack Candish                                  UK              161                    25
Stefan Gommel*                        Germany         164                     22
Joe Massara                                 USA               215                    35
James Vincent                            Australia         218                    15
Dennis Van Camper                Netherlands       247                    18
Daniel Bernando                           USA             250                     27

Cheers again - al.

24. MAY .2010
Okay here we are at Version 4 of my site at least at last! I did this myself that's why it took so long.
A few things have changed recently, Firstly,

I became a Dimarzio main stockist, so any pick ups that Dimarzio offer in any of the color combinations they offer them in I may have them if not I can get them to put in your swirl project for you, also I will be offering their Brilliant cliplock straps (in every color including the neons) too, so if you after the real DNA look then you need some green and black Breeds with a red middle pup, I have them in stock now or some Green Blazes for your 7 String project I have several sets in stock.

I also have DiMarzio pick up selector switch tips in several colours, these can be found in the pick up section.

As you can see from the sections above we are going to be offering some hardware soon again this is one of the things we are sorting out at the moment.

You may also see we have our Facebook Twitter Youtube and Myspace links up in the left corner of every page, it took us 2 years but we made it finally, almost anyway as I need to sort the links LOL

Here is a pic of a swirl I did a few weeks back for Seven Foot Sam from Amsterdam as I have not shown him what it looks like you guys might aswell see it before he does, sorry Sam but trust me it will be worth the wait and then some. Sam is a big Lizard Fan so here is a small pic of his seven string Basswood DNA Lizard.
slizard swirled guitar

swirled ibanez guitar

Okay anyone still reading and already registered up to my mailing list this is the guitar body that you can win all you need to do is cover the P&P costs to wherever you live. You will have received a email with entry instructions, please email in with your entrys and they will all be listed here. Best of luck. - al