23. OCT. 2011 (sun)

Spent most of the day looking for things to photograph, just kidding. Got a lot done today with nothing to show for it at the end, here
are a couple of pics. Finished all these below guitars earlier this week.

3 GMC's Ready to go out.
swirl GMC ibanez swirl GMC ibanez

swirl GMC ibanezswirl GMC ibanez
Alex's GMC ***************************************************************************************Tims GMC
GMC Group hug.
swirl Ibanez GMC

Steve's USA Jupiter Jem style **********************************Another Steve's UK Long awaited seven string to go with his GMC
swirl jem ibanezswirl PAW ibanez
So both Steve's above UK and USA already have a GMC from me, strange?

Sanded down ish.
swirl guitar body like steve vai jem universe ibanez

Coming home at dusk this is 5.50 my camera sucks, maybe it's the operator? Probbly

Off to get some more poison tomorrow and then to the CNC's.- Peace


22. OCT. 2011 (sat)

The sun was out in force today, here's the work run.
swirl guitar

Finished polishing and sanding Tim's GMC which was a nightmare for a change.
swirl guitar body like steve vai jem universe ibanez
Below sanded ready to polish again.
swirl guitar body like steve vai jem universe ibanez
I final sanded the top about 6 times, I won't go into what happened, I'm wasn't happy with 3M lets just leave it at that (blames tools)
swirl guitar body like steve vai jem universe ibanez
swirl guitar body like steve vai jem universe ibanez
I took some video's this morning, hence the bodies being down the unit again, I can't believe that the fixed bridge didn't sell already as it's kick ass IMO.
swirl guitar body like steve vai jem universe ibanezswirl guitar body like steve vai jem universe ibanez
swirl guitar body like steve vai jem universe ibanez
UV Style Lizard PAW old school square neck joint

One of the new swirled big clocks, done a few months back, still not had time to finish it's off the gun clear coat. Once these are gone
there will be no more, EVER.
swirl guitar body like steve vai jem universe ibanez

Heading on home in the dark and on fumes as usual.
swirled ibanez

No idea what I will photograph tomorrow? there's not much left to post?? - Peace


21. OCT. 2011 (fri)
Well I needed to get 5 polished and after 2 day I have 3 done, 3 and a half and another half ain't bad.
swirl guitar body like steve vai jem universe ibanez

So Alex's Steve and Dave's are done. Now I have several more to finish, please guys I know who you are.
I am going as fast as I can.
A small point I would like to add at this juncture. This is my only job, so if I am ill, I earn nothing. I don't
get sick pay and I can't call someone else in to help. If I do nothing, I earn nothing, so believe it or not it's in my interest to get your guitars finished as soon as possible (I can hear a few of you laughing).
Cheers Guys- al.

19. OCT. 2011

Sand sand sand, what a bore! I used to have nightmares/anxiety dreams as a child about flattening material so that it was perfectly smooth, so I get older and get myself involved in trying to take WOOD then paint it then put clear on it and make it flat! LOL Before that I was a Dent repair guy do I need help?, I think so. Some pics.
swirl guitar

swirl guitar
Steve Seven string neck done and re decalled this is an original neck that has had it's fretbored replaced by Max Cottam.

Plugged in a switched on today for the first time since winter ended this year.

A PAW I did a few months back, I think this is a Real sweet one.
swirl guitar body like steve vai jem universe ibanez

Cheers- al.

18. OCT. 2011 (Tuesday)
Just a couple of pics as the camera was dying as soon as I switched the bloddy thing on. I was going to do a quick video, maybe tomorrow.

Both these (jem style alder) will be added in the next couple of days to the sale section, unless they go before then.
swirl guitar ibanez style

Steve's Square neck old handle sanded down almost ready to polish. Along with 4 others all being sanded and one headstock for another Steve here in the UK.

swirl guitar ibanez jem style

Here is my coldrod, being cleared also with the jem style body hotrod in red.
swirl guitar ibanez styleswirl guitar ibanez style

So you ran with the Bulls in Pamplona? Well if you visit my unit ever and see this sweet looking little dog who answers or doesn't to the name Ozzy be afraid, touching him is tantamount to running the bulls blindfolded and drugged both will end Very badly. Stroking him is akin to Playing Russian roulette with a waste disposal unit. Warned you have been.

swirl guitar

Home time again, this bridge looks pretty innocuous but slick tarmac make it a nightmare when the snow and ice arrive it kinda like a sky jump only to go home you have to go up it and it's steeper than it looks.

swirl guitar

Home early today for a change, cheers - al.

17. OCT. 2011(monday)
Pub all dai. Peace- al.

16. OCT. 2011
Got some poison sprayed, did some sanding then some painting, then came home in the dark again, here are a couple of pics.
Of course you only have my word for this, I could have been in the pub all day...

swirl guitar body like steve vai jem universe ibanez

Painting a couple of PMC one jem and one square neck UV style guitars.

swirl guitars like ibanez

Some new swirls gone out to the mailing list members for first bite at the cherry.
swirl guitar fender style ibanez steve vai

Peace- al.

15. OCT. 2011
Been holding my breath and spraying more poison today sweet!
swirl guitar body like steve vai jem universe ibanez
2 ordered and spoken for I think? GMC's and a Ibanez RG570+ PAW.

swirl guitar body like steve vai jem universe ibanez
Patriot swirled UV style body plus added Jem style features, colors look pretty close here apart from the blue is darker, will be for sale soon it will be cleared and will be offered to the mailing list members first naturally.

Coming Home today at a better hour sun still shinning! It was just at the height called blinding.
swirl ibanez

More news soon, maybe tomorrow, it's a seven day thing here, unless I'm on my arse dying- al.

14. OCT. 2011

Hey all, cheers to all you guys I have spoken to the past couple of days on the dog and bone.
Been back to work for a few days and I am feeling a lot better, I have been back on spray duty so I took the camera down today to snap some pics for someone so took a few snaps to brighten the place up also some video of a few swirls, I will post them soon.

swirl guitar body like steve vai jem universe ibanezThis one is for Steve in the USA his second, one of my favorites.

swirl guitar body like steve vai jem universe ibanezThis is Dave Noys Ibanez RG2570? GMC from here in the UK.

swirl guitarThis is a DY UNI style for Zakk at Area51customs.

swirl guitar ibanez voyagerThis is a mahogany Silver surfer Voyager/RG style shape.

swirled guitarThis is a Jem style Hotrod swirl.

swirled guitarsHere are a few that are heading out.

I took this pic as I was leaving to come home this evening as I thought it looked real nice. It was way more orange than this and had a
cool glow to the road and sky.
swirl guitar

I fired this OLD school UNI style body up for sale last week with the prototype handle that was on Steve's Original UV PAW featured on the front cover of Passion and Warfare. Now I cut this handle myself and it took me a long time to get right, a BIG Thanks to Neil from Tamworth who sent me all the high res pics of Steve with the UV from inside the Tab book from "PAW" and I have tried my best to get the handle just right

swirl guitar steve vaiswirl steve vai

Steve Vai with his Original UV with Proto type handle.

I will take more pics from now on to update the news area a bit more frequently.

I have some FAQ videos on the way too, I will be in them in voice only as that will be bad enough. Cheers all- TIE

- al.

11. OCT. 2011
Hi all, been ill AGAIN this time inner ear infection so "Hello, hello where in a place called vertigo!"
Down the unit they now call me sick note, almost 2 weeks off in the last 3 that's more time off than I have had in the past 4 years of this companies exsistance.

Not nice, I'm still not 100% but I am on my way, fingers crossed.
Here are the enteries for the last clock comp here is a link to the offical page LINK

Winning numbers
6, 16, 22, 26, 30, 34, bonus ball 45
Total 179 bonus ball 45

Here were the enteries.

Chris Morrison USA 60-7
Laurence Mcwade USA 77 -22
Nathan Traux Canada 123- 18
Andres D Norway 163 - 26
Keith Fender Wales165- 26
WINNER Daniel Gallo USA 175 - 30

Thanks guys for entering again. - al.

01. OCT. 2011
All mailing list members should have your emails now for the new competition?
Latest swirl will be in an email in the week.
Also just to let you all know soon as I am caught up I will be going on Hiatus, how long it will last I not sure.
So the swirl that you see in the for sale section will be the only swirls available till next year.

I am back to fighting fit it would seem and I hope to stay this way, been spraying clear today along with other things, 2 weeks ago I
was starting to worry about the cold weather coming in but today it was the hottest October day in the history of the record books
which was odd considering the summer we didn't have? Hopefully the weather will be kind to us but who knows.


I did have a couple of others but they never responded correctly, so were not entered as per the rules of the competition. I will add a notepad
page to fill in next time to make it much easier.
Cheers to those who entered, your odds of winning are getting better all the time.


25. SEP. 2011
Okay here is a video I was just sent from one of my customers, body is a left handed uni style AANJ edge trem claw and handle by Area51 customs here in the UK painted PAW style by me and clear coated by Rob Williams of Rob Williams guitars up in Wales.
The swirl looks a little bleached, but that's the video setting.

Cheers for the vid Neil, great Job- Al.

21. SEP. 2011
Hi all (sneeze, cough splutter) not been well again, hence doing a bit of work on this site. Just took some video below showing the
new prize draw. It's for this weekend so if your entering don't hang about.


All members of the mailing list should have your emails now with your instructions.
The Draw will be this weekend so entrys in before friday 23rd September 10 PM GMT please.

swirl guitar
Okay here are all the enteries in order

Helmut K
47 - 5
Chris M
60 - 7
Ray L
113 - 22
Steve L
129 - 16
Keith F
141 - 27
Anders M
149 - 35
Danny C
151 - 7
Nathan T
193 - 32
Alan K
211 - 37
Ryc M
217- 23

Lotto Draw results 10, 16, 29, 34, 37, 47 and bonus ball 31
Total = 204
So congratulations to Alan (zoot jemsite)

Cheers to all who entered
- al

13. SEP. 2011
Okay just a quick update, I painted a guitar for Rich a few months back over at Stormshadow guitars, here's what happened.
I call these 3D line art.
EVH Omarge guitar by OOT swirled.comEVH Omarge guitar by OOT
EVH Omarge guitar by OOT
EVH Omarge guitar by OOT swirled.comEVH Omarge guitar by OOT
EVH Omarge guitar by OOT

This guitar is available over at stormshadow guitars, the link is in the link section.
3d line art3d line art
3d line art

I came up with this idea around 4 or 5 years ago now, I call this one my homage to Eddie and Eddie if your out there, I think it would look amazing on your guitar on Tour for the next album, I doubt you'll even see this but if you do I hope you like it, and maybe if you even nick it you'l give me a mention??
I have a load of other ideas I have never seen before that when I get some time I will get onto some guitars. Hope you like em.
Cheers all,

Peace- al.

11. SEP. 2011
10 years on from that infamous day. I was in Nuneaton town centre working when I heard it on the radio, I called all my firends and family, then heard the news of the second plan got in my car and went home to find out what was going on. Terrible tragic day.

I painted a square neck alder UV style body yesterday in the Patriot colors as a Tribute.
swirled guitar
It came out amazing.

I have been very busy as usual clear coating and painting guitars for orders, from back when I took them.

Here are a few small pics of some of them.

If you are one of the folks out there waiting for a guitar to buy then you won't get to see any guitars before my Mailing list members.
My members get first refusal on all new swirls available.
GMC swirl guitar vaiGMC swirl guitar
Above Tim's and Alex's GMC's
GMC swirl like vai ibanezGMC swirl guitar
Marcus from Germanys GMC and another.
GMC swirl guitar
Dave's RG2570 Prestige? Ibanez GMC with added handle claw and AIJ.
passion and warfare swirl guitarpassion and warfare swirl guitar
Ibanez RG 570 with added handle claw and AIJ and a seven string both PAW painted

Below is the next Mailing Members ONLY Prize draw give away guitar, it's a real Ibanez (low end model I found out which model on jemsite but when I go there now my virus protection scream TROJAN at me so I am not going back to find out and time soon) Added AIJ Hanlde and claw PAW painted, it will have a few coats of clear just for protection and will need to be finsihed like the last one that went to the US.
passion and warfare swirl guitar

There are lots of others guitars painted but Mailing List members will get first refusal on any and all of the new guitars. Anyone emailing now will be told this, otherwise it's not fair why join the mailing list?

passion and warfare swirl guitar

As I said I am clear coating also at the moment, so please if your waiting for your guitar even if it has been with me some time, please be
patient I am working very hard to get all outstanding projects completed too.
swirl guitar body like steve vai jem universe ibanez

Cheers all, Peace- al.

7. SEP. 2011
Hi all, email is back working, but if you sent me any emails during the last few days I have not got them so please resend if you can, thanks.

3. SEP. 2011
Hi Guys, I have email trouble again it would seem, I sent a few emails out yesterday and got a phone call today from a customer/friend and he informed me that I'm not getting my emails again so please, if you have sent me one I am not ignoring you, if in doubt please give me a call if you can on the above number, thank you


12. AUG. 2011
Hi all just a quick update, everything is moving forward slowly I'm getting things finished, I got a photo from Joe over in the US with his Mailing List Prize Draw Ibanez PAW swirled body and I forgot to add it a week or so ago, so here is Joe doing the control the camera and get into shot shuffle, so a big thank you to Joe Massara  for the pic.
ibanez swirled guitar

Another Prize draw swirl for the members soon, it's a real but low lever Ibanez body that has been altered to have Jem style contours and features it will be PAW swirled again.

I'm going to be adding a few new sections to the site shortly as I get asked some obvious questions by folks, obvious to me but very salient none the less if your not in this game, hopefully these sections will help customers with any queries that they might have.

Some one the other day suggested that the folks on my Testimonial page were all the people who live up my road which made me laugh.

Thanks all and remember PEACE sells, but as Dave Mustain eloquently said nobody is buying. - al.