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swirl guitars ibanez

Steve W UK

****! Finally.
swirled 8 string ibanez
swirled 8 string ibanez
swirled 8 string ibanez

Andrew USA
"Multiverse" 8 string

"I was considering suicide until I got my OOTS swirl,  now I am in nirvana,  I am truly enlightened now, thanks Alan!!!!"

Where is my other one Al? You sold it?
swirl guitar 7 string ibanez style steve vai
swirled guitar ibanez steve vai

Al K 2012 (aka Zoot on Jemsite)
"Man of very few words"
England UK

swirled guitars like steve vai

Mike 2012
Missouri USA

Al, It was a long time coming, but the two 7-strings are finally done.  Check out the attached pic, and once again, thanks so much for helping to make two of my dream guitars a reality!
All the best,
swirled parker fly guitar
swirled parker fly guitar
swirled parker fly guitar

Andy M 2012
Washington USA

Thanks Again Al for such an amazing piece of Art, The Swirl is ‘Mind Blowing’ in person, there is so much depth and detail that it defies description….. it is like staring into a Nebula.
I have found a new swirl or a detail each time that I have picked it up to play, I swear I have  spent half of my time just looking instead of playing over the weekend.
How can I possibly look at another guitar after this one! Game Over!
All the Best Al

Cleared by Sharron @: Shazrock Paints USA

swirl guitar like steve vai
swirl guitar steve vai

Neil 2011
England UK

For twenty years, I've held onto the dream of getting a left handed PAW Universe. Now, thanks to the supreme talent of Al from Out of this Swirled, that dream has become a reality. Like many before have said, Al's swirling is truly inspired, with an attention to detail that is second to none. It's a shame that you're closing down mate, but I count myself lucky to have met you, and to have one of your swirled masterpieces in my collection.  

Neil Doherty, UK.

Original Ibanez UV right handed neck reborded with Pyramids by Rob Williams guitars.

swirl guitar

Gary M 2011
England UK

This guitar gets one response from people - WOW!
Thanks for the great job on the body, but also for the service throughout - you've been great to deal with and I've been recommending you to all who've asked.
Best wishes,

swirl guitar
Al K 2011 (aka Zoot)
England UK

swirl guitar ibanez replacement
Dave 2011
England UK

Thanks so much for an AMAZING job on my guitar.
The picture does not do it justice.
Once it turned up and I opened up the packaging I was like a teenager with his 1st porn mag.
Such a great swirl,everytime I look at it something new pops out.
Anybody out there waiting????? Trust me its more than worth every hour and every penny.
Thanks for everything, I'm chuffed to bits.

Dave N.
swirl guitar ibanez replcement guitar body

Ryc 2011

I did a mockup with my RG1527 neck (pic below) and she looks AMAZING!!! Thank You SO much!!!!!!!  I really love her and your art.........I'm totally in debt to you!!

Thanks again my friend!!


swirl guitar ibanez style

Antti 2011

Hi Al,

The body arrived yesterday in prefect shape, and it's absolutely fantastic! I'm stunned. There is something about these neon colors that does not translate to photos at all. It just has to be seen in real life.

I've already started to put the guitar together & rest assured I'll send you a pic.

Huge thanks once again, Al!
You da man!!!


SWIRLED GUITAR ibanez style

Manos 2011

Working with Out Of This Swirled is the easiest thing you will ever do and you can't go wrong,
What you see is not what you get ....IT'S EVEN BETTER!!!!!!!!!
Great job, easy to communicate and quick shipping!!!!
Believe me those colors are not coming out as good as they are in real life!!!
Thank you very much Al for everything, if all professionals were like you
the world would be a better place!!!

Cheers from Greece!!!


swirled ibanez universe

Richard 2011
England UK

Hi Alan,

sorry I didn't get a chance to drop you an email yesterday, I just couldn't wait to fit the new body.  It is absolutely stunning and i must say it's as good if not better than some of the ATD Swirls out there!  Ibanez really should be coming to you for any future swirl production models they produce, as quite frankly, right now I would say that your are without doubt the best in this field!  I have attached a couple of pics of the completed UNI in all its beauty for you to take a look at.

Once again thanks for everything, hope to hear from you soon and I can't wait to get a Jem PAW body!

All the best


swirled ibanez universe jupiter colors

Matt 2011
In exile in Swansea. UK

Hi Alan,

picked up the universe from Rob's yesterday. It's 10 times better in the flesh. Beautiful swirl. Now I've just got to learn how to play it.


swirl guitar us patriot colors ibanez style

Bry 2011
Texas USA

Absolutely beyond my expectations. I think we both rattled on to each other for at least an hour. Honestly a great guy and the BEST swirls, bar none. The swirl was so much better in person than any picture could have been, like an explosion in your eyes, love at first sight! I am already drooling over some of the bodies I left behind..."
swirled ibanez GMC

Steve L 2011
New York USA

YO! Al, just built the guitar. Here's a pic of me with it,
I think it came out INSANELY sweet looking!
Top quality work buddy.. This guitar
is so hot when I play a show i'm positive it will get the girls shirts off Ha! (hope so).. Anyways
Man the whole process was a lot of fun and
when i'm out of school hopefully you will still be swirling because
this is definitely not my last OOT body!!!


Mike 2011
Missouri USA

Thanks so much for the incredible swirls.  I look at them every few days and just giggle because they're so amazing.  Can't wait to finish them up.
Keep up the great work, and don't be surprised if I come back for a third!

Stefan G (With his 2nd swirl)

Hi Alan,
As promised, here are some pictures of me with my new guitars. It’s been a pleasure to meet you. Can’t thank you enough, these guitars make me very happy!

Thanks a lot...

left handed Ibanez universe replacement swirl body

Hubert's Lefty UV
Murder swirled ibanez body replacement

Austria Dec 2010
Viktor S

Greetings Alan,

The Murder swirl body arrived today, looks absolutely stunning!

Best wishes from snowy Austria

Viktor S

floral swirled guitar body like steve vai ibanez

USA 2010

Just arrived!
Holy crap, you guys combined to create a masterpiece for me!
I love it, can't wait to get it assembled.

I'm speechless.
This guitar is gorgeous, and I'm really looking forward to my next OOTS creation.  

swirled guitar body replacement like steve vai's ibanez

Stefan G

Hi Alan!

Thank you so much for your outstanding work! The swirl looks absolutely stunning, the guitar plays like butter and the sound is fantastic.
The clearcoat is just perfect (Clear by: Rob Williams Wales) and everything fits. It's been so much fun to put all pieces together and complete the guitar.
Steve Vai called me and asked if he could use my guitar on the cover of his next album... ok, just kidding...

Again thank you and keep up the good work!

Stefan G

swirled ibanez univesre body like steve vai

Alabama USA 2010

Alan, here is the picture I promised.... Joe absolutely loves his guitar. He is already talking about buying another
one. Thank you so much! It has been such a pleasure dealing with you!

Ashley P.

Jonothen R
New York New York USA 2010

Hi Alan,

It's be a while but I finally was able to take the
pictures of the beautiful guitar you painted.
Sorry for the wait but it was well worth it.

Jonothen R
neon swirled guitar body ibanez replacement

Luis Jorge Portugal 2009

I just received the guitar body, and man...Wooowww

It looks wonderful! You are an artist I must
say!!! The colors are so intense, the swirl so defined, and the finish so shiny and perfect... Really a work of art.

It is a pleasure just to look at it! I think I may put it in the center of my living room that is how gorgeous it is...just wife wouldn't want that.......Woman!!!

Luis Jorge Portugal
swirled guitar body like ibanez

Rob Hayes UK 2009

What a great day it was when the guitar body arrived. I sat looking at it for hours on end, you just can't take your eyes off it. For years I dreamed of owning my own guitar with an amazing swirl finish on it and thanks to the amazing artist here, Alan, my dream is now true. I also have an ATD swirl but this one is MILES BETTER the clear coat is awesome the best I've seen. There's nothing to be said here that could ever do justice to this man's art all I will say is that if you want one there is no one better to do the job than this guy, and a
nice guy too, very helpful and excellent service all round. I will be using this guitar on the new album I'm recording,
The end result is
Thanks Al- Rob Hayes.

Ulrich Rome ITALY 2009

Wow. I can honestly say WOW! This has got to be one of the best looking swirls
I've ever seen, and really Alan, it is at least equal to the famous Millennium swirl DNA, I kid you not. I have no words to say how happy I am, every little nuance of the body is a pleasure to the eye. I cannot find enough good words.
I have been admiring it for half an hour, and I still have to turn my head every once
in a while as I'm writing right now - yes it is almost addictive.
I think that pictures do not do justice to this thing, it looks so much better
in real life than on screen.

You made my day Al, I could get lost into this swirl, the more I look at it the more
I love it, amazing.

HAGO! Ulrich

Alex C 2009

Al. Your swirls really are the worst I've ever seen, I cannot believe you call yourself a swirler!
Against my ATD's they look like a 4 year old has done them, your a fake and also what's far
worse is you're a brummy and you talk funny!

Having said all that the 2 swirls I already have from you aren't enough so hurry up with my new PAW!

You slacker!

Alex C

GMC swirled ibanez guitar body

Max Cottam UK 2009

Hi Al

Many, many thanks for the GMC swirl and clearcoat
The swirl is fantastic and just like an original - probably better!
And the clearcoat is top drawer - thicker, flatter and doesn't chip and
bubble away from the paint like the originals did........

I've seen and owned loads of swirls in my time and this is way up there with
the best (Darren & Herc)

Even had to dig my old GMC T-shirt out for the pic - LOL!

Max (Ibanezking/)

swirled strat guitar body steve vai

UK London 2008

Hi Al, Just to say thanks yet again for the awesome swirl work you did on my Deluxe Strat.....Stripping the lovely original Tobacco Sunburst finish was a tough decision to make but knowing you for many years I knew you would not let me down as your passion for your work and guitars in general is awe inspiring....the swirl you created is way beyond what I expected and turns heads every time it appears at gigs....the only problem is that people are more interested in the guitar than the band now !!

Cheers mate.
swirled ibanez uv body replacement steve vai style

Big Bad Sam from Amsterdam 2008 & 09
Back in the days when Ibanez DNA swirls where just released, I used to look for hours and hours at the DNA page from Darren, the original swirler. Some swirls I liked, some swirls not so much. Then I saw a swirl with a very chaotic black/ white, almost stone like background, with lines floating above it. I immediately fell in love with it! and wanted one of those gorgeous swirls. I found out Darren called it a lizard swirl, because of the texture. Since there are VERY few of those type swirls, I searched and searched. No swirls of that kind were for sale in a long time. I asked dozens of swirlers if they could replicate the effect. Some came close, but never the full 100%. Until I met Alan of OOTS. Alan takes swirling to the next level. It is just unbelievable. every time I pick up my guitar, and get inspired by a true piece of art.

Thank you Alan!